Akashic Records

“Your Akashic Records holds the Truth of Who You Are- it holds the energy of the essence of YOU. Tapping into this Truth can bring ease, grace and clarity to your life.” Sue Krebs

Unlock the Secrets to your Soul

For the more spiritually adventurous, the Akashic Records is a dimension of consciousness that contains a record of every soul’s journey through time. Your Akashic Record contains the wisdom gained by your soul through all of its existence. These sessions help to unlock the secrets to your soul, your hidden gifts, yearnings and past life experiences, as well as helping to shift any karmic baggage. Entering the Akashic Field is healing in itself as it helps to raise one’s personal vibration and move stagnant energy from the body’s Chakras and energetic field.

It is common for people to feel much lighter and emotionally cleansed after a session. Akashic Records healing is especially powerful if conventional counselling or psychology have not been successful and you are looking to go deeper on your spiritual path.

Akashic Records appointments and packages are for people 18 years and over.

Inituitive Life Coaching Colleen Simmonds
“When we allow our soul to guide us, we are always shown the way.” Sue Krebs