I felt called to write this blog. Like it’s been nagging at me for some time. In the last 10 years I’ve moved from my original career as a high school PE teacher to finally settling into Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Healing and Past Life Therapy. During those 10 years I jumped around A LOT! I moved from PE teaching to Art teaching, I dabbled in teaching Drama, Design, Health, Nutrition and Psychology. Always feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied I eventually moved into Counselling and thought this would be my perfect fit. It wasn’t!


I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help students navigate their schooling years but I was constantly weighed down with the bureaucracy, school politics and seemingly meaningless rules and regulations that constitutes the very core of the Education System. It was exhausting! So much so that I ended up draining my nervous system. It’s very difficult to leave a career that you have spent years studying for and invested a lot financially and energetically. In the end, the decision to leave was made by my body. After battling adrenal fatigue for 12 months and dragging my tired body into work everyday, I had no choice but to call it quits.


But even then, I had no idea where the road was taking me. All I wanted was to be healthy again so I could resume some sort of ‘normal’ existence. Little did I know that living a ‘normal’ life wasn’t exactly what my soul had in mind. The illness turned my life upside down and that is EXACTLY what needed to happen. I had to start looking at life from a completely different perspective (upside down was a good place to start). Many might call this my ‘Spiritual Awakening’ or the ‘Dark Night of the Soul.’ A rather painful process of going within and seeking truth. Seeking a greater understanding of who you are rather than what you have been conditioned to become.


Let’s step back and break this down a little. When I say ‘what you have been conditioned to become’ I am talking about all the ways, either consciously or unconsciously you have been shaped. From your upbringing, your parents values, your culture, your schooling, your peers, the media etc etc. For me, I was brought up to respect and highly value the Education System. My mother was a language teacher in a Primary School and she worked with students from low socio economic backgrounds. My father, a computer programmer, also highly valued the Education System and tertiary study as it allowed him to leave his blue collar upbringing and provide middle class privileges for his family. Therefore, it made perfect sense for me to work hard at school, go to university and enter the education system as a career. This was encouraged by my parents. After all, it was a career with a stable employment, income, holiday perks.


This is by no means a dig at my hard working parents. They sought to encourage and provide me with sound advice that would help me build a life of financial security. And I am grateful for this. They did the very best they could with what they knew. I could not have predicted that owning my own business was the life that was destined for me. What’s more, I studied Health Science at University. My father was heavily into Science and the Scientific Method. This shaped my view of spirituality. I rejected anything too ‘woo woo’ or not based fully on scientific fact. This was a direct result of my upbringing and my deep inner need to fit into the mainstream. To not be considered a ‘weirdo’. I squashed any spiritual urges or yearnings I had to fit in and gain approval and acceptance from my parents and peers.


I use the term ‘coming out of the spiritual closet’ because it can feel like you are indeed ‘coming out’ and exposing your true self. Or exposing sides of yourself that you have kept under wraps and kept hidden for a very long time. For someone who once scoffed at Psychic Fairs and Crystal shops, I now buy the t-shirts. I love anything unexplained, mystical, other-worldly, creative and higher vibration. In fact, it’s now my world. Ive stepped into it and I cannot un-see what I have seen. My business revolves around helping others step into this space also. Not necessarily tarot cards and chanting but at least a deeper connection to their true selves, inner wisdom and unique gifts. All of which may not have been explored due to their upbringing and personal obstacles.


So is it difficult to ‘come out of the spiritual closet?’ Yes, it can be. It takes courage, perseverance and a strong sense of character to follow your own spiritual journey and not be constantly swayed by the mainstream. It takes courage to speak your truth, what you believe in and not be affected by the naysayers. The thing is, you may not be popular for a while. You may need to leave old friendships, walk away from family members or even quit your job and leave the country for a while. It may not be this drastic for you but when you begin to step into your authentic, open and loving self, your life will change and things will need to be rearranged. At the time this is HARD. But later on, once you’ve done the work, your life will begin to resemble everything your soul wants for your greater evolution.


You’ll be surrounded by other like-minded souls who support you on your journey. You’ll know yourself better than ever and this brings liberation and self-empowerment. ‘Coming out of the spiritual closet’ is not for the faint hearted. Its not easy to walk your spiritual journey without some ridicule and judgement, but all of these fears will eventually subside. And one day you will look back with pride. Proud of what you have achieved and proud of how you listened to the callings of your soul. That you chose to honour the road less travelled. The road that isn’t ordinary and safe. The one that feels right even if it is less popular.


How are you choosing to step out of the spiritual closet?


Love and Light xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox