It absolutely astounds me how many people I talk to who don’t really like their job. It doesn’t matter whether it’s clients, neighbours, friends or relatives, it is rare to find someone who is truly fulfilled in their profession. Sure, I’ve met many people who ‘like’ their job. Many who think their job is ‘alright’. But its quite uncommon to meet someone who ‘lights up’ when they speak about what they do for a living.

First of all, when did we all become so complacent about what we want in life?

When did we decide that having a job that was just ‘alright’ was the norm?

I can relate to this because I’ve been there. Ive had that job that was secure, well paid and was generally an ‘o.k.’ gig. I worked with nice people, got great benefits and heaps of holiday perks. But still I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Like something didn’t quite fit. But I ignored that feeling. I squashed it down and refused to listen to it.

Maybe you know the feeling?

That feeling of dread in your gut on the Sunday evenings before the start of the work week……

Or even worse…..That feeling that you aren’t fully appreciated for what you do….

Or perhaps the worst offender……That deep knowingness that you have so many more gifts that aren’t being explored in your current job…….

That you have so much more potential than what this job can offer……

The problem is, we are all so programmed to think that job security is so much more important than actual job satisfaction. As soon as we enter our early 20’s the pressure is on to find wealth and security with little consideration for self discovery and spiritual development. Sure, some of us take that gap year where we work in hospitality, live in London and do a few contiki tours around pubs in Europe. But is this real self discovery? Soon enough, the little Aussie backpacker returns home to have the pressure of now ‘getting serious’.

In my previous job, I worked as a counsellor in the high school sector. When I wasn’t dealing with anxious and depressed teenagers (this is a whole other blog in itself!) I was assisting them in choosing career paths. At the grand old age of 15, kids have to choose pathways and start forming some sort of career life plan.

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? How much pressure are we putting on our kids? And is it only causing them harm? Escalated rates of Teenage binge drinking and drug use may indicate so. In my opinion, there is a complete lack of emphasis on ‘knowing who we truly are’ in our education system. Eventually this leads to unhappy adults stuck in unsatisfying jobs. So, then what happens? Cue the mid-life crisis! Or, if you’re anything like me, the quarter life crisis. At the age of 28, after ignoring those gut signals for a few years, my body said ‘enough!’. I couldn’t make the conscious choice to leave my job (mostly due to fear), so my body made the choice for me. Cue the adrenal fatigue!

But, it was this quarter life crisis that made me realise what a tremendous waste it is to EVER work in a job that you don’t love down to your very bones! It made me appreciate how short life really is and that following your true passions is the ONLY thing that matters. With this comes a wonderful liberation into beginning to build your life from a completely authentic place. Not from what we are taught or conditioned to think by society. By only spending energy on the career, people and values that truly matter to you, life begins to make more sense. There’s more clarity. You start to feel more at ease and you can finally slow down. You now have the wisdom inside to know that life is a unique journey for everyone and no two journeys are the same. In fact, EVERYTHING gets better when you finally find your career calling, whatever it is. Your happiness and deep satisfaction with your work affects others around you. Your positive energy sends sparks of curiosity and intrigue in others. Everything in your life starts to manifest abundance from the universe and you’ll wonder why you didn’t just follow your true passion in the first place!

Sometimes we need to throw away logic and rational decision making and just follow the promptings of the soul. It may not make sense to resign from your secure job and buy a one way ticket to the Bahamas, but sometimes we need to step into the mystery. Step into the void of not knowing exactly where the road is taking us but trusting that we will end up in a place better than we have ever imagined.

So, in order to make the process easier for anyone reading this and deeply resonating with the content, I’ve made a 3 signal checklist…..

3 signals that indicate you’ve found the right career for you:

You’re excited to wake up in the morning and get to work.
Time is no longer an issue (you don’t watch the clock waiting for knock off).
Money is not an issue (you would happily do the same job even with a 50% pay cut).

If you’ve answered yes to all three, CONGRATULATIONS you are probably in the minority of group people absolutely loving what they do. If there wasn’t three big ‘Hell Yeahs!’, then you’re probably in the majority group who are settling for a job that isn’t fulfilling their deepest needs.

But fear not, you can always start today. The time is now after all. Go on, buy that ticket and hold on, because it will probably be the ride of your life!

Love and Light