When I had my first Akashic Records Reading with Colleen I was a bit unsure of what to expect. Colleen made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with the experience. My reading was insightful and the information I received helped me to process my current life better. Colleen helped to set me on my path for healing myself.

Lauren, Adelaide

I really didn’t know what to expect and kept an open mind for the session with Colleen. She gently guided the reading and offered insight into some of the issues I am dealing with and some focus for repair. I felt relaxed and supported and appreciated the insights gained. A profound space. Thank you.

Louise, Adelaide

Working with Colleen has been a most interesting experience. I had 3 Akashic Records Readings over several months and found every one of them fascinating. Each session raised challenges in my current life whilst giving me insight into past lives and why these things were issues in this life time. I would recommend Colleen’s sessions to anyone interested in delving into their current life challenges with a different perspective. Thanks Colleen.

Valerie, Adelaide

Working with Colleen has been incredible in allowing me to make sense of patterns occurring in my life, energetic blockages and queries around my purpose in this lifetime. Her ability to connect to my Akashic Records has lead to some powerful shifts for me, allowing for greater understanding, purpose and clarity as to what is next. I highly recommend Colleen to all of my friends and clients, and without hesitation recommend her work to you too. Hollie, Sydney

I completed 2 paintings with Colleen as part of the Creative Coaching package. She helped me rediscover my artistic abilities that I hadn’t explored since childhood. It was extremely healing and liberating to challenge my creative and emotional barriers. I continue to utilise the skills I learnt to paint regularly as a tool for self expression. I find it extremely useful when I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious and it gives me a sense of well being and self confidence. Joy, Adelaide

Colleen’s Akashic Readings have allowed me to really look deep within myself and appreciate my character traits and strengths. Her readings and professional wisdom offered have enabled me to embrace and realise who I am. She read my emotions, experiences and Past Lives and shed light on why I feel insecurities and how I should look forward to adventures. This all gave me hope to keep going. I was amazed at how Colleen can read so much about me that no-one else could possibly know. Thanks Colleen for giving me hope. Emma, Port Augusta

Colleen is such an intuitive, kind and warm person. I found it both incredibly exciting and insightful having my Akashic Records read. During my reading, Colleen was encouraging, open and she provided guidance throughout. I had my session during a very busy time in my life and it provided a real sense of calm and peace during a chaotic time. I would recommend Colleen and her readings to anyone wanting to experience insight into their past, present and/or future life. Thank you for this amazing experience Colleen, I will definitely be booking another session soon. Em, Adelaide

The clarity that Colleen’s sessions have offered me is second to none.  Thanks to this work I have been able to improve longstanding disharmony in the relationship I have with my mother and father. The wisdom she shares always gives me a better understanding of myself, so that I can learn and grow to be a better person. I have also seen an improvement in the quality of my work and my relationship with money. Any problem, big or small, can be transcended thanks to the unparalleled guidance provided by Colleen. Ava, Sydney

I turned to Colleen and her Akashic Soul Readings in a tricky time in my life and career. I have had 2 sessions with her and found solace, reassurance and support from these experiences. Colleen is professional and knowledgeable and I feel calm, supported and nourished in her presence. I found the readings and the experience to be insightful and helpful in guiding me to a decision or through a situation. Thank you Colleen and your Akashic Soul Readings. Tills, Adelaide

Colleen has an amazing talent! I have had readings from Colleen twice now and both have given me some strong clarity and ‘ah ha’ moments. She has a wonderful ability to clearly relay messages from the Akashic Records. Everything she told me was 100% relevant to my questions and that period of my life. I would use Colleen over and over and can’t recommend her more highly. Jacqui, Adelaide

Thank you Colleen for an amazingly insightful reading! This was my first Akashic Records reading and it more than exceeded my expectations. I left the reading with a lot of clarity, having all my questions answered and feeling inspired for the next step in my journey. Thank you for your guidance, knowledge and kindness throughout the whole experience. I look forward to more readings with you in the future. Amy, Sydney

When I first heard about the Akashic Soul Readings Colleen offers, I was intrigued and compelled to get her details from a friend. I entered the session skeptical yet open and Colleen absolutely astounded me by the information she read. It resonated so strongly and had a profound impact. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone wanting to know themselves better. Divya, Sydney

My session with Colleen was absolutely amazing.  Seeing into how past life experiences shape my thoughts, feelings and reactions in this life has really helped me gain a better understanding of myself like nothing else has done before. Everything we chatted about including some current situations/ relationships made perfect sense and I can’t wait for my next session with her. I would 100% recommend anyone who is interested in understanding more about where they come from and who they are to do a past life reading with Colleen. Pippa, Sydney

Colleen is a clear communicator and provides gentle guidance in her work. She genuinely cares about finding outcomes for her clients and this can be seen in her ongoing professional development that she undertakes to ensure her work is of a premium standard. I have been privileged to have known Colleen for many moons and would recommend her to anyone; her accuracy is uncanny and I know that I will be reassured or redirected after a session with Colleen. Erin, Adelaide

As a first time participant in Akashic readings, Colleen did an amazing job with explaining her process and getting the messages across. I was feeling a bit lost in life and thought I would see what her readings would bring. Although I can’t be certain that everything she envisioned will be, I did come away with a greater sense of direction and inspiration. Colleen is very open throughout her sessions, I would highly recommend giving her readings a try. Dyl, Adelaide

After a decade of suffering from debilitating depression, substance abuse and chronic anxiety from traumas in my past, I had lost hope. I tried multiple services with psychiatry and rehab clinics but I seemed to be going around in circles, unable to gain control of my life and mental state. I decided to try an Akashic Reading with Colleen. The results felt instant. I let go of a lot of past lives and I felt I was able to free myself from a lot of baggage. The biggest change I noticed after one session was the feeling of hope that had alluded me for so long. I feel I have gone from merely existing to living again. Thank you Colleen. Jo, Cairns