Last week we had the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. From those I have spoken to, it has been a rather intense time. Old stuff coming up anyone?! Like the stuff you thought you had sent packing! Coupled with the fact that we have just entered an ’11’ universal year according to numerology (2+0+1+8= 11). Last year, being a ‘1’ year was more about building solid foundations and shedding what needs to leave our life e.g. old thought patterns, beliefs, relationships, behaviours. Essentially anything that needed to go was given a shake up. And we are still feeling these effects throughout January and February 2018. We are moving out the dregs to welcome the new.

So what does an ’11’ year mean for us? If we add 1+1=2. 2 is symbolic of partnerships and building connections with like minded souls. Although January was intense, we can take a deep breath and trust that we will not be alone this year. But for those of us not on the ‘right path’ we will continue to bump into challenges as the universe sends messages our way to step up and take action in the right direction.

Last night I attended a sacred women’s group with a female Shaman who has spend the last 20 years travelling to different corners of the globe and learning ancient healing techniques and wisdom. The work of a shaman is so intriguing to me. These are our global light workers. They are the gateway between the three dimensional and the spirit world. Shamanism isn’t a religion, but it has been around for thousands of years and it considered to be one of the oldest traditions. We are entering the ‘Age of Aquarius’ in astrology which is significant with the ‘awakening of the Divine Feminine energy’. That is, we have lived in a patriarchy for a few thousand years. But times are changing. Many shamans are leaving their secluded corners of the world and venturing into western cultures to assist in the global awakening. More and more people every day are indeed ‘waking up’. Shifting their levels of consciousness and taking more proactive steps to better themselves, their community and the environment. And let’s be honest, our planet really needs a global wake up call. Our Earth cannot withstand much more destruction. But it needs to start with us.

On a personal level, if you have been feeling triggered, overly emotional and completely spaced out, know that you are not alone. Many of us in Western culture are living primarily in our own masculine energy, but the planet and our universe is calling for us to awaken the divine feminine within. The softer, more creative, empathic and nurturing sides. For us to find more balance and joy in our overly hectic lives.

I have spent the last 3 years getting more in tune with my divine feminine energy. I no longer consider myself part of the ‘rat race’. I consciously choose to honour my creativity daily and to slow down whenever I am ‘pushing’ myself to do more. I consciously choose to not buy into what Western culture teaches us about ‘success’ and how to achieve it. How many stories have we heard about the ambitious person who worked their way to the top, made their millions, conquered the corporate world and yet they are left with a sense of emptiness and a string of broken relationships. The framework that we live in, the westernised structure is not built to make their citizens feel empowered and fulfilled, its built to grow the economy. Its built to keep the very rich very rich and the very poor very poor.

The sooner we can wake up to this, the sooner we can make changes in our lives that lead to a more peaceful and authentic life. But first we have to look at the truth of all we have learnt so far from our up bringing (whether consciously or unconsciously!). However subtle, what beliefs have we picked up from our parents, our school system, our community, the media, the work force and do they truly belong to us? Or, more importantly, are they truly serving us?

Indeed, this is usually the work of shamans. Helping human beings connect to their higher spiritual self. Stripping away what is not ours to begin with and bringing us back into connection with the powerful callings of the soul. Once we do this, life becomes a wonderful, curious adventure discovering our unique gifts and watching life unfold from a empowered, authentic state. No longer constricted by illusion and fear that is at the very core of western culture.

If you get nothing else out of this blog, ask yourself how in touch you are with your feminine energy? Are your days a constant barrage of endless lists and tasks? or do you choose to live more in a creative, intuitive flow, where each day brings new gifts and surprises? This is certainly the year to make those changes. To start living your life FOR YOU. To become a Human Being rather than a Human Doing. Do whatever it takes to cultivate more self love and softness into your world. Walk more, be in nature, yoga it up, meditate like a king, swim in the ocean, hug a tree, get your creative pants on! And above all remember that life is not supposed to be a race, its not supposed to feel like your struggling uphill. Let go of the old and embrace a new way of being. Your soul will thank you for it.

Love and light xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo