A few years ago when I was in the height of severe Adrenal Fatigue, a close friend of mine told me about an Akashic Records course being run in Adelaide. I had just resigned from my job as a teacher/counsellor in a High School and was starting to make travel plans. The illness had successfully broken me open. This was, in many ways, my ‘spiritual awakening’. I had been shaken awake by imbalance and pain in my body and was on the search for metaphysical healing modalities. Really anything that could provide answers and help me heal.

This training, in many ways, was a pivotal moment for me. Learning about the Akashic Records before I headed overseas for solo travel was essential for my journey. I was now equipped with a method of connecting to my spiritual team or spirit guides whenever I needed. What’s more, I could start practising the art of accessing someone else’s Akashic Records. Later, the development of this skill would form form the basis of my business.

So lets back up a bit. What are the Akashic Records I hear you ask? ‘Akasha’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘aether’ (spirit), ‘sky’ or ‘space’. It is all around us and we are all connected to it. The Akashic Records exist in the 5th dimension and can be accessed by all human beings, as we are all divine and infinite souls. Many people access the records unintentionally through deep states of meditation, creativity or through the use of psychedelics. Some people even dream of walking through the ‘library of souls’. For this is essentially what the Akashic Records are; like a giant hall, super computer or library that contain the energetic records of ALL SOULS. Records of past lives, present life and all possible future choices/scenarios. Each soul has its own Akashic Record, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. Every thought, action, relationship, emotion and personal karma is recorded in the Records and is constantly being updated and re-written according to the individual’s soul journey and choices here on Earth.

The Hall (or library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Records are stored energetically and protected. That is, you cannot access someone else’s Records without that person’s verbal consent. Higher beings or Ascended Masters protect the Records and ensure those who access it are doing so with pure and loving intent.  As well as individual soul information, the Akashic Records also contain the collective wisdom of humanity and the history of Earth and the Universe. As such, throughout human history, the Records have been accessed by mystics, sages, seers, high priests and psychics searching for greater meaning and divine wisdom.

Only in the last Century has the Akashic Records become more widely understood and known. With the invention of the internet and pioneers like Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) bringing the vast knowledge of the Akashics into the ‘mainstream’. Edgar Cayce was known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’. He would access the Records in a state of deep relaxation or hypnosis and give extensive health advice and information to people suffering from illness or disease. He was also able to predict many world events before they occurred (e.g. World War II and the rise of Nazi Germany). Linda Howe (not deceased) has also been pioneering the vast knowledge of the Akashics through her books. Linda runs a school for the Akashic Records in Chicago, Illinois.

So, with all this in mind, what can a person expect when having an Akashic Records healing/reading? Generally, when I am reading for a client, it is like a conversation. The person can ask questions throughout concerning their past, present or future. The information that I receive for the person, comes intuitively through words, images and feelings. It is ultimately the Masters (higher beings) of the Akashic Records that decide the information that needs to be presented to the person. This is always information that our soul is ready to hear based on its level of maturity. Past lives that come up are always relevant to current life circumstances. That is, the person being read is ready to clear this karmic debt and integrate new soul lessons into their lives. Any future information is always relative as the Records hold all possible future scenarios or free will choices.

It is very common to feel relaxed, calm and very mindful during and after a reading. Entering the Akashic Field on your own or with another is healing in itself. This is because the Akashic Field begins in the 5th dimension which holds the energy of pure love and high vibration which impacts our body, mind and spirit. There is no judgement in this space, it is all unconditional love and unity. However, it is very important to ‘ground’ oneself after accessing the Records. This helps to solidify the information received into the physical body. It is important to rest, drink plenty of water and spend time in nature post reading to allow the body to fully process and integrate the healing energy of the Akashics.

But how does one access these ancient Records? During my training I learnt to access the information of my soul, or another by use of the ‘Pathway Prayer’. This is a very powerful prayer developed by Linda Howe that enables complete access to personal Records based on that person’s full legal name. Every name carries a distinct vibration and it is this code that takes the reader to the heart of every soul’s Records. As the reader, the energy of the Akashic Field enters through the Crown Chakra and hooks in behind the Heart Chakra. This creates a healing space of non- judgement, openness and deep peace.

Since completing this training a few years ago, I have read many people’s Akashic Records. It never ceases to amaze me the accuracy and deep wisdom behind EVERY reading I do. It is such a unique and transformation healing tool that can have huge benefits for the individual on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of being. If this blog called to you in some way. If the information struck a chord deep within, I would thoroughly recommend you book in for a reading. The more Akashic Records readings you receive, the quicker you can ascend in all levels of life. What are you waiting for? The information your soul is craving can be at your fingertips. Are you ready to know your soul truths?